Special Medical Camps

Special Medical Camps

On 11th June, 2017 a Special Medical Camp was conducted at our base camp at Sirigindalapadu (Rampachodavaram). The purpose of this camp is to provide specialist consultation to poor Tribal patients. These patients don’t have the facility and means to go to Rajahmundry to meet the specialist doctors.

Service facilities from specialist and super specialist doctors are made for tribal people in the field of General Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgeon, ENT, Gynecology, Eye (Free cataract operation & spectacles, Refraction & Treatment), Pediatric, Dental, and Specialist on Epilepsy (Fits).For Diagnosis – X-Ray, E.C.G, Pathological Laboratory, Ultra Sonography Services with latest diagnostic facilities are available for tribal people.

In this Camp, 682  patients were treated for various diseases. The regular medical staff and volunteers worked very hard to make the preparations on the previous day itself.

All the patients and their attendants were given free food.

In addition to the 18 doctors, 20 Volunteers and 20 staff participated in the Specialist Camp.


Lab Tests






U/S Scans


Thyroid Tests




4 Special Medical Camps were conducted during the year in which 5,318 patients were treated by Specialist Doctors in various fields like Paediatrics, Gynaecology, TB, ENT, Skin, Diabetes, Cardiology, etc. Tests are conducted on blood, urine etc. X-Ray, ECG, Ultra Sound Scanning facilities are also available.

Endoscopy, Scanning and Pathology

Once in a month the above facilities are provided by visiting specialist doctors. Many patients benefitted by these tests.

Welfare Works:

Anna Danam to Patients

Nearly 350 poor patients are given free food every Thursday.

Bhavi Bharatam – Nutritious food to Poor Children Poverty and malnutrition go together in India. As a consequence the education of the poor children is disturbed. To alleviate the malnutrition among poor children a nutritious food scheme was started in February 2008.

Under this scheme, nearly 50 children are provided with nutritious food daily. They are given coaching in their school subjects also in addition to cultural education.