Man has to learn from the bee. It lives for the collective good of the hive. Selfishness is alien to it. Live not a promiscuous life like that of the house fly. Live a pure, industrious and useful life like that of a bee.

-Sri Ramakrishna-

Religious Activities

1. Daily morning Puja, evening prayers and Bhajan.

2. Ramanama Samkirtanam on Ekadashi days.

3. Special Puja with Homa and discourse on the birthdays of the Holy Trinity

4. Celebrating festivals like Ramanavami, Guru Purnima.

5. Observing the birthdays of great saints and sages.

6. Conducting spiritual retreats for devotees. Earnest seekers from East & West Godavari District participate in the programme.

7. Weekly Scriptural Discourses

8. Discoureses on Birthdays of Direct Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.

9. Whole Gita Chanting on Janmashtami day and Vaikuntha Ekadshi day.

Durga Puja:

Durga Puja was observed. From that Day Sri Sarswathi Puja was Doing with devotees. participating Devotees in this Puja and Bhajans made the puja eventful. Puja came to a conclusion with Puja in the early hours . Nearly 100 devotees observed vigil throughout these days.

Sivaratri Puja:

Sivaratri Puja was observed . Whole night Puja with devotees participating in Abhisheka and Bhajans made the puja eventful. Puja came to a conclusion with Homa in the early hours . Nearly 150 devotees observed vigil through the night.