Professionals Convention


Ramakrishna Mission, Rajamahendravaram conducted Professionals’ Convention on 10.02.2018 in connection with the 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Sister Nivedita.

The Programme commenced with lighting of the lamp by Srimat Swami Abhiramananadaji Maharaj, Swami Kapalisanandaji Maharaj, Swami Sukritanandaji Maharaj, Swami Anupamanandaji Maharaj, Swami Raghunayakanandaji Mahraj and Swami Guneshanandaji Maharaj,  and dignitaries on the  dais followed by Prayer & Vedic Chanting by students.

Swami Kapalisanandaji Maharaj welcomed the gathering. He explained that in response to requests from persons in different professions this convention has been arranged. Professionals,  who are the cream of society have their own problems and this convention aims at suggesting solutions to them.

Revered Swami Abhiramanandaji Maharaj spoke on the importance of management in any profession. The three stages of management he explained are  1) Manage Men, 2) Manage – me and 3) Man a gem. Swami Vivekananda exhorted that Men,  Men,  Men are needed today. Human resources are the most precious resources of a country. A man must first uplift himself and them form a team and manage his team. Each man is potentially divine and one must rise to divinity. ‘Selflessness is God’ said Swami Vivekananda

Dr. K. S. Ratnakar, Director, Global Hospitals, Hyderabad spoke on Emotional Engineering. The definition of health given by WHO emphasizes mental health for well being of man. Good mental health means manifesting and harnessing inner potential to a maximum, gaining enough strength to cope with stress in life. Man possesses linguistic, visual, auditory, Kinesthetic, existential, natural, emotional and spiritual intelligence. With the help of all these mental powers true leadership qualities can be acquired from a study of Yoga Vasishtyam and the Bhagavad Gita.

Swami Nikhileswaranandaji Maharaj, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Asharama, Rajkot, Gujarat spoke on  Happiness and Peace in everyday life. The source of infinite joy, infinite happiness is inside all of us but unfortunately we are not aware of it and we are searching for it outside. Money alone cannot give happiness. Some practical ways of gaining happiness and peace would be –  Analyze the situation and accept the inevitable. Bite only as much as you can chew.   Count your blessings. Do your best and leave the rest. Enjoy the game of life. Face the brutes bravely forget, forgive and forbear.

Swami Anupamanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Tirupati, spoke on how to be successful professionals and why one is not satisfied in one’s own profession. Incorporating ideas of Swami Vivekananda, doing work with a spirit of selflessness will give mental peace and happiness and there will be no stress or strain. To Be and to Make is the success formula. 

Swami Raghunayakanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad spoke on “The Art of Work”. Work done in a spirit of service alone gives true satisfaction and happiness. Human beings have the power of discrimination and this differentiates them from animals. Service to man is service to God. 

Ms. V. Siri Anand, A  young administrator shared her personal experiences in her brief five years service rendered so far. She hopes to increase her acquaintance with Ramakrishna Mission to become a better administrator.

Swami Harikripanandaji Maharaj profusely thanked Swami Abhiramanandaji Maharaj, the speakers and one and all responsible for making the function a success. Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists, Bank officers and persons at different levels of administration in Government Service were some of the professionals who attended.

Name of the Speaker
Participated Nos.
Swami Kapalisanandaji Maharaj
Welcome Address
Swami Abhiramanandaji Mahraj
Importance of management in profession
Swami Nikhileswaranandaji Maharaj
Happiness and Peace in everyday life
Dr. K. S. Ratnakar
Emotional Engineering
Swami Anupamanandaji Maharaj
Man behind the Machine
Swami Raghunaykanandaji Maharaj
The Art of work
Ms. V. Siri Anand