Medical Activities

Medical Activities

1 . Homeopathic Dispensary: Started in 1972, works between 8a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. During the year 4,450 patients were treated.

2 .Allopathic Charitable Dispensary: Started in 1992 in a two storied building, the dispensary works from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. It has full facilities for Pathology, ECG, Ultrasound scan, 300 MA X-Ray unit, Lab, Dental and other investigations and tests. A Physio-theraphy unit also serving the needy cases. Treatment by specialists is also available.

The following departments functioned during 2016 – 2017
1.Tubercular Chest diseases. 6.Paediatrics.
2.Chest diseases including cardiology. 7.Orthopaedics.
3.General Medicines and gastro intestinal diseases 8.Dentistry
4.Skin diseases, including leprosy. 9.Ophthalmology.
5.Gynaecology. 10.E.N.T

A list of Honorary Doctors serving the Charitable Dispensary is given below.

1. Dr K.Suryanarayana, M.D.

2. Dr K.Subrahmanyam, M.D.

3. Dr G.V.Rama Rao, M.D., M.R.C.P.

4. Dr K.S. Sarma,M.S.(E.N.T.)

5. Dr D.Rama Rao, M.S., P.G.I.(Ortho)

6. Dr S.Govindarajulu, M.S. (Surgeon)

7. Dr S.Rajaram, M.D. DCH (Children’s)

8. Dr K.Prakash B.D.S (Dental)

9. Dr M. Sri Hari Prasannakumar Reddy., MD., (Skin)

10. Dr D.Sandhya Devi, M.B.B.S.DGO,(Gynic)

11. Dr G.Saikrishna Kumar, M.D.(Neuro & Psycho)

12. Dr B. Srinivas Rao., MS (Ortho)

13. Dr G. Veerabhadra Swamy., MBBS., DCH

14. Dr K.Phanikumari, M.B.B.S.,D.G.O. (Gynic)

15. Dr M.V. Krishna Reddy, M.S. (Ortho)

16. Dr M. Seetarama Chowdary M.B.B.S., D.Ch.

17. Dr A.K.Siva Prasad., M,D,D.M. (Heart)

18. Dr S. Ravikanth, M.S. (E.N.T)

19. Dr. Praveen Kumar Reddy, M.S.(E.N.T)

20. Dr P. Naga Bhushnam., MBBS, DIP (Diabetic)

21. Dr V.N.Bharathi, MBBS, DGO (Gynic)

22. Dr Asuthosh Kumar MD, DM (Cardiac)

23. Dr D.Bathibabu, B.D.S (Dental)

24. Dr Venu Gopala Reddy B.D.S. (Dental)

25. Dr M. Vithal Babu, MS. (Ortho)

26. Dr B.Shantha Devi, MBBS (General)