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Started in 1984, serves the interior villages in the agency area for 4 days a week. It has a base camp at Rampachodavaram for the staff to stay and to house the medical equipments and laboratory.

Services are available for radiological, pathological, ECG, Ultrasound scan and other investigations and tests. Patients from 100 to120 villages surrounding these camps are benefitted by these medical services.

Apart from regular camps, special camps are conducted by specialist doctors specialized in tuberculosis, gynaecology, E.N.T., paediatrics.

Eye camps are also conducted in which patients are screened for cataract. Selected patients are brought to Rajahmundry and operated. During this period they are provided free transport, food and spectacles.

As you are aware Ramakrishna Mission has its branches throughout the world and monks are serving the poor of the poorest. In this connection Ramakrishna Math Rajahmundary is running separate rural medical camps at Rampachodavaram. From the base camp we are running three sub camps, Pothavaram, Jadauru, Velagapalli, covering 200km. The Government of AP allotted four acres of land for our medical services to the tribal people.



AREA   : Forestry and hilly area – Nearly 2860 Sqm – 

    It covers nearly 89 Villages -3 Mandals. 40 Panchayts

POPULATION: 1.5 Lakhs    Tribal Community: Kondareddy, Koyadora, Valmiki, Konda Kappu, Kondakammari, Konda Dora

LIVELIHOOD: Collecting forestry products, Tamarind, Fire wood, Honey, Charcoal, Leaves Plates, Broom sticks, etc.

GENERAL HEALTH PROBLEMS: Skin diseases, Anemia, T.B, Malaria, Typhoid,   Jaundice, Diabetics, Gyni c problems, Cardio, Thyroid, Ortho, HIV, VD, Urological, etc.


Purpose of Medical Diagnoses Center & Dispensary:

                                    “Prevention is better than cures.’ Of all the diseases known to mankind 50% are preventable .To prevent diseases it is necessary to tack Doctor‘s advice with accurate diagnosis report.  To have the holistically medical treatment it is very impotent to have complete diagnosis system & good medicine. Then only doctor can judge and treat the patients. We have constructed buildings and sheds for the various departments such as X-ray, ECG, Laboratory, Ultrasound Scanners and Doctors rooms etc.

 Tribal Medical Activities: In seven Mandals at agency areas near Rampachodavaram, Ramakrishna Mission is rendering medical services. Since 29 years, a team of members including qualified doctors, paramedical staff & volunteers are rendering their dedicated services through this unit. Regular Medical Camps are held weekly four days, with four villages as centers to which   most of the other villagers from remote areas are able to come for free treatment and medicines.  More than 1200 patients get medical treatment every week through the following four important centers Pothavaram- Every Thursday, Velagapalli Every Friday, Jaderu Or Different Places covering 200km  – Every Saturday, Sirigindalapadu- Every Sunday.

 Medical Diagnostic Centre & Hospital on Wheels: In this Hospital on Wheels scheme, specialist doctors, medicines, and specialty diagnostic systems like, X-Ray, E.C.G., Laboratory, and Ultrasound Scanners etc are available. 4 camps are conducted every month in East and West Godavari districts. More than 900 patients get medical diagnoses & treatment through these camps.

Eye camps are also conducted in which patients are screened for cataract.  Selected patients are brought to Rajahmundry and operated.   During the period they are provided free transport, food and spectacles. 242 Patients Treated in the year 2013

  T.B. Treatment: Special attention is paid treat T.B. patients and a considerable success is also achieved. Last year 215 patients were treated

Mega Medical Camps are conducted once in three months at the base camp at Sirigindalapadu village at Rampachodavaram where complicated and referred cases come for free treatment and medicines. Qualified doctors specialized in various fields regarding human health come from Rajahmundry and Kakinada to render their valuable services. Service facilities from specialist and super specialist doctors are provided for tribal people in the field of General Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgeon, ENT, Gynecology, Eye (Free cataract operation & spectacles, Refraction & Treatment), Pediatric, Dental, and Specialist on Epilepsy (Fits).For Diagnosis – X-Ray, E.C.G, Pathological Laboratory, Ultra Sonography Services with latest diagnostic facilities are available for tribal people. Since most of these patients come from remote areas; free food arrangement is also being made for them on that day.

Vivekananda Swasthya Pariseva Prakalpa:  A welfare scheme through which 210 under- nourished tribal children, pregnant and lactating mothers are getting benefit on development of physical and mental health in our base camp at Sirigindalapadu (Rampachodavaram). Nutritious food items for better health like Eggs, Bread, Milk, Horlicks, Boost, Nutrition Powder, Fruits etc. are supplied to them. Bathing soaps, Soaps for washing clothes, Towels, Buckets & Mugs, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Tongue Cleaner, Nail Cutter, Coconut oil, Mosquito Net, Foot wear etc. are given to them for better Hygiene.

For Physical and Mental development of the Tribals: Moral Classes, Secular Teaching, Games, Varieties of Exercises, Distribution of books on moral lessons & stories are conducted.

All our above activities are possible because of Dedicated and noble hearted, well qualified doctors’ direct presence in free services for the tribal communities, devoted and service minded volunteers and well wishers, paramedical staff, local general public, ITDA and other administrative departments working in the tribal areas.

Our sources to manage all the above activities are from, Donations in cash & kind from well wishers and noble hearted persons and a limited budget grant-in aid from Govt. of India Tribal Welfare Department, New Delhi since 32 years. However, since the last two years we are not receiving this grant.

Approximately for one day Rs.15, 000/- is needed to serve 300 patients @ Rs.50/-.