Diabetic Camp




A diabetic camp was organized by Ramakrishna Mission Mobile Dispensary for Tribals at Sirigindalapadu (Rampachodavaram) on 27th April. In this camp 200 diabetic patients and 473 general patients were treated by Specialist Doctors.

The enrolment of the patients for this camp was started from 1-4-08 onwards. The patients were divided in to groups of 10 and they have undergone ECG,X-Ray and Blood Tests Having finished all the required tests they have been asked to attend the Special Diabetic Camp on 27th April.

Names of the doctors who participated in the Camp are as follows
Dr G.V.Rama Rao Dr S.Govindarajulu
Dr B.Chaitanya Sekhar Dr K.Subrahmanyam
Dr Nagabhushanam Dr Lakshmi, Diatecian
Dr K.Suryanarayana Dr N.S.Ramaraju
Doctors examined and prescribed free medicines to 200 patients for one month.
In addition to the treatment, doctors explained to the patients about the disease, i.e., how it came, what are the precautions to be taken etc with the help of Audio Visual projections. More over the patients were given instructions regarding the food regulations such as what is to be taken and what is to be avoided.
Diabetic Awareness Class in progress
Eye Care Section:
A team of doctors and staff from Lion’s Rajeswari Eye Hospital, Nidadavolu came and rendered their service to all the patients. All the 200 patients were screened. One of them has been operated subsequently at Nidadavolu for cataract and provided with Intra Occular Lens. 42 patients were given spectacles.
Eye Testing
Cardio Section:
Patients registered for the Cardio Camp were offered a range of tests as advised by the doctor. The tests are: Echo Cardiogram, Ch-X-Ray, Serum, Lipids HB% Blood Sugar. Finally all the patients were given proper guidance and advice by Dr N.S.Ramaraju, Cardiologist. Free medicines also were given to patients for one month.
X-Ray Film Viewing
Free Food to All:
Sri I.Ramprakash, M.D., Godavari Plywoods provided free food to all patients, doctors and volunteers. Representatives from different companies rendered their services in distributing free medicines and counseling the patients along with staff and volunteers.